Who is richer Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is still to many people the biggest pop superstar in the world.

She is the second highest certified female musician ever with 200 Million units, Ariana has 50 Million

To be a top10 female recording artist ever, measured by Album Equivalent Units you need to sell 82 Million AEU, Taylor sold 80 Million AEU, Ariana 27 AEU.

Taylors net worth is 360 Million $, Ariana Grandes is 50 Million $

Taylor is the biggest solo touring act of the decade with a gross of 910 Million $, had the biggest tour by a female artist this decade and broke the record for highest grossing tour in US history. Ariana Grande has grossed 150 Million in her carrier.

Taylor won 10 Grammys (2 AOTY), 23 Billboard Music awards and 23 AMA‘s. 56 awards combined means she is the biggest ever winner (quantity) from the 3 main American award shows. Ariana won 1 Grammy, 2 Billboards and 3 AMA‘s. In general Taylor won 400+ awards, Ariana won 80.

Taylors RIAA album certification when updated: 46 platinum and 2 diamond discs, Ariana 7 Platinum discs.

Taylor signed a 200 Million $ deal with republic, i doubt Ariana would even get a 100 Million $ contract as a free agent right now.

Taylor is the most recognized songwriter of the decade, Ariana is an average songwriter.

Ariana is doing good at the charts right now, but Taylor is a top10 member of the ALL TIME female Billboard charts:

Billboard hot 100 #8, Billboard 200 #2, Billboard box office #3

Taylor is in all Madame Tussauds wax cabinets, got plaques on airports, she has an education center named by her in the Nashville country Hall of Fame, „The Taylor Swift Expirience“ was in the Grammy Hall of Fame, she has a banner at Staples Center for most sellouts, she can be seen at the Wall of Sound at the Wembley Stadium.

Taylor won a face to face competition for the VEVO record on Youtube. Her video ME! was watched 10 Million times more than Ariana‘s video in the first 24 hours.

Oh and Ariana seems to need the money, she charges 1400$ for meet and greets, Taylor has never charged, she does free meet and greets before and after each show. She also visits fans at their homes and invites fans to her mansions.

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